Guilty Party

The captain of a Japanese ship went to the bathroom and left his phone and wallet out side. When he got back his phone and wallet were gone. He asked his shipmates what they were doing when he was in the bathroom.

One person said “I was moping the deck,” the second one answered “I was fixing the flag because it was upside down,” the third one replied “I was making dinner”. Who did it?

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The second one because the Japanese flag cannot be upside down.

Lots of Legs

You walk into a room where there are seven girls.  Each girl has seven bags.  Inside each bag are seven adult cats.  Each adult cat has seven kittens.

Assuming no one is missing any limbs, how many legs are in the room?

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The seven girls have a total of 14 legs. There are 343 adult cats and 2410 kittens for a total of 10976 legs.  You walked into the room, so that is two more legs for a grand total of 10992 legs.

Secret Chamber

You have discovered a clue to open the door to a secret chamber said to be filled with riches awaiting those with the correct password.

The password is seven characters long and is a mixture of numbers and letters.  Your clue is “You force heaven to be empty”.

What is the password to enter the secret chamber?

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U472BMT  You = U,  Force Heaven = 47, To = 2, Empty = MT

Boxes of Balls

There are two boxes, box A and box B.  Each box contains several balls.

If you move one ball from box A to box B, box B will then have twice as many balls as box A.

If you move one box from box B to box A, both boxes will then have the same amount of balls.

How many balls are in each box?

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Box A has 5 balls and box B has 7 balls.

Three Doors

You are driving in your car at night when magically three doors appear in front of you. A voice from the loudly tells you that behind the first door you will find diamonds.  Behind the second door you will find gold and behind the third door you will find money.  What door do you open first?

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Your car door. 

How Many Fingers

Assume there are exactly 7 billion (7,000,000,000) people alive on the planet. What would be the sum if you multiplied together the number of fingers each person had on their left hand?

For this brain teaser, all thumbs count as fingers.

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The sum would be zero. All it would take is for one person to have no fingers on their left hand. Any number multiplied by zero equals zero.

Fool’s Gold

There are five identical looking bags of gold coins.  Four of the bags contain coins made of real gold and one of the bags contains coins made of fool’s gold.

All of the coins in all of the bags look identical.  They are the same size, color and shape. The only difference is their weight. Real gold coins weigh 10 grams and coins made of fool’s gold weigh 11 grams.

You have an accurate scale that you can use only one time to determine which bag contains the fool’s gold.  How do you do it?

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Take one coin from the first bag, two from the second bag, three from the third bag, four from the fourth bag, and five from the fifth bag. If the weight on the scale ends in 1 you know its the first bag, 2 the second, 3 the third, 4 fourth, and 5 the fifth bag.

Loan for the Wealthy

A wealthy woman goes into a bank to ask for a $10,000 loan before her month long vacation.  The bank had no problem loaning the money as long as the woman would put up some collateral.  So the woman offers to let them hold on to her $200,000 luxury automobile.

The bank happily agrees, loans the woman $10,000 and takes possession of the vehicle.  Upon returning from vacation the woman goes back to the bank to repay the loan and collect her vehicle.  The bank manager laughs and ask the woman why if she is so rich did she go through so much trouble.

What was the woman’s reply to bank manager?

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The small amount of interest on the loan was much less than parking and insurance for the vehicle would have cost.
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