Frog Escape

A frog falls down a well that is 30 feet deep. Each day he climbs up 2 feet, and each night he falls back down 1 foot. How long does it take him to climb out of the well?

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29 days! Each day he goes up 2, and each night down 1. A net gain of 1 foot. But on the 29th day he goes up the usual 2 feet, and is out of the well, so he doesn’t fall back the foot at night.


You are trapped in a room and the only way to get out is by one of 2 doors. The first door leads to a room with a pool of boiling water that will boil you in seconds.

The second door leads to a room with solar powered laser beams that will cut you to pieces. Which door should you go to?

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Choose the second door but leave at night when the laser beams will not be working.

Guilty Party

The captain of a Japanese ship went to the bathroom and left his phone and wallet out side. When he got back his phone and wallet were gone. He asked his shipmates what they were doing when he was in the bathroom.

One person said “I was moping the deck,” the second one answered “I was fixing the flag because it was upside down,” the third one replied “I was making dinner”. Who did it?

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The second one because the Japanese flag cannot be upside down.
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